About the ScribePro Team App

What exactly is the ScribePro Team App?

The ScribePro Team App records medical interactions in real-time for team sports. The range of injuries, diagnosis and therefore treatments that you can record is vast. Data entry is quick, easy and secure, keeping speed with consultation and covering your complete volume of cases with secure sharing of the care required. The benefit of its advanced reporting and diagnosis system allows you to immediately treat and monitor your player/athlete on each part of the treatment and recovery process.

In our latest version we have developed the option for you to contact screen your players and essential staff for symptoms of Covid-19 on a daily basis either by email or text. This minimises risk to the players and to the team in general and works as an early alert to the team clinician of potential health problems with a player or member of essential staff thus allowing early clinical interaction.

Will the ScribePro Team App work on my mobile device?

The ScribePro Team App is a mobile app available from both the Apple iOS App Store and Google PlayStore.

Is it available in my country?

The ScribePro Team App can be used worldwide.

How much does it cost?

We understand that every club, organisation or association is unique and as such each will have slightly different requirements. Our aim is to provide you with the level of subscription that works for you and provide you with a personalised quote to suit your needs.

To get you started we offer a free 30-day unlimited trial to all features of ScribePro Team.  All you need to do is download the ScribePro app from the Apple iOS App Store or the Google PlayStore for Android and once you create your team you will receive email confirmation of your free 30-day trial.

Creating and managing your account

How do I create an account?

1. Install the ScribePro Team App from either the Apple iOS App Store and Google PlayStore.

2. You can sign up either by SMS or Email. SMS is our recommended route as it’s far more reliable and not dependant on individual’s mail settings or mail clients. If SMS is not possible for whatever reason then we also offer email  sign-up.


An SMS will be sent to your phone with a link that will take you through authentication. Click the link and start setting up your team or join the existing team if you are receiving an invite.

By e-mail

A magic link email will then be sent out to the email address you’ve entered. Open this email on your mobile device, click the ‘Login to ScribePro’ link in the email, then you’ll be taken back to the ScribePro Team App.

I didn't receive a magic link email?


SMS is incredibly robust and has very low error rate. If you have not received an SMS please double check that you have entered the correct phone number as this is the most likely cause. If the problem persists please contact us and we can look into the issue.

By email

If the magic link email hasn’t arrived in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder. If you still can’t see a magic link email, please contact hello@scribepro.co.

How do I create a team?

1. Click ‘Add new team’ then ‘Add team’. (Alternatively, if you have received an invitation from the admin of another team you will be able to see this and accept it here.)

2. You can take a photo to represent the team or select a photo or image previously saved to your device by pressing the team silhouette.

3. Add the various details such as team name, type, level and gender.

4. Once you have added the details, click on the ‘save’ button in the top right hand corner.

How do I add a player?

We’ve made a how to video so you can watch how to add a player. Simply click to watch and follow the steps. If you’d prefer to read, it’s detailed below.

1. From your team screen, which will begin blank, press the blue ‘Add’ button in the bottom right of the screen.

2. You can then add a player’s details. Please note that some fields are required and must be completed.

3. Once you have added the player’s details, click on the ‘save’ button in the top right hand corner.

4. You can add multiple players to your team prior to getting the player agreement signed by those players. This way, you can add multiple players in one go, then get multiple player agreements signed at a later date. To do this, please swipe left on the player’s name, then click the pencil/edit icon.

5. You can take a photo of the player or select a photo saved to your device by pressing the player silhouette.

6. The player must read the Player Agreement. If they consent to the creation of the record select ‘Add Signature’ and ask the player to sign the blank field electronically.

How do I edit a team or a player?

To edit a team, click into the team, swipe left on the team name, then click the pencil/edit icon.

To edit a player, swipe left on the player name, then click the pencil/edit icon.

How do I change the team tier plan once I have created my team?

Should you decide to change the originally selected tier plan for your team, click on your team name, swipe left, then click the pencil/edit icon and select from the Basic, Standard or Premium options.

How do I invite other clinicians?

An admin can invite a clinician from within the app.

Enter the team you’d like to add the clinician too and press the … button in the top right of the app and select invite clinician.

Add in the relevant details and the clinician will be sent an invite.

How do I join a team?

An invitation needs to be generated by the admin of the team you are going to join. This is done by admin on the team portal. You will then receive the invitation by email and will be able to accept it next time you log in to the app.

How many teams or players can I have?

We have 3 tiers available to cater for different team requirements.

Basic Tier – free

In the free-to-use version you can have up to seven players in one team. It’s perfect for managing a few players or testing out the app. You will not have access to admin or Covid-19 features.

Standard Tier – free until 31st January 2021

This is the standard plan which allows you to add up to 35 players and staff. It is available for free until 31st January 2021 and it includes admin features but no Covid-19 features.

Covid-19 Tier

This is the premium plan which allows up to 35 players and staff along with full admin features and daily Covid-19 screenings for all team members. A nominal charge will be required to cover daily SMS costs. for more information on costs contact us.

What do the colours mean and how do I change them?

The colours reflect the injury or illness status of the players. The most significant injury or illness status is always shown – i.e. if the player has an ongoing red illness and an amber injury the app will show the status as red. If the injury changes to green the overall status will still remain red due to the illness. The injury details will however update to green.

  • Red: Unable to train
  • Amber: Partially able to train – ongoing treatment required
  • Yellow: Fully able to train – ongoing treatment still required
  • Green: Injury has been cleared

For Green status to be enabled a signature is required from clinician and player.

Please note a signature is not required for any other status.

What is the web portal and how do I access it?

ScribePro medical records come in two parts. Our mobile app is where you create your account, your teams, players and document their injuries and treatments. The web portal provides access to reporting and statistics related to the data you generate in the mobile app. The web portal is also where you can invite other clinicians to teams you’ve created. The web portal can be accessed via this link – https://portal.scribepro.co/. The portal is designed for desktop use. In order to access the web portal, please follow these steps:

1. Go to https://portal.scribepro.co/ and enter the same email address you used to create your account in the app. (Note your email address must be accessible on both your phone/tablet as well as your desktop/laptop.)

2. A magic link email will then be sent out to the email address you’ve entered. Open this email on your laptop/desktop, click the ‘login’ button in the email, then you’ll be taken back to the web portal dashboard.

How secure is the admin area?

At ScribePro we take security very seriously, which is why both our mobile app and web dashboard have two-factor authentication. All data is encrypted when transferred between the portal and database. Sessions are time-limited.

How do I cancel my account?

Please email support@scribepro.

Could players access data themselves?

Players have a legal right to see their own medical records. This can be done by showing the player the electronic record on the clinician’s device or by emailing support@scribepro.co to arrange for an electronic copy of the ScribePro records to be downloaded and provided to the player. A player must not be able to edit the record.

Can I login by email and SMS

Your account is either linked to your mobile or email and you can choose which you prefer when you register.
Whilst we don’t recommend linking both your email and phone number to any one team, if you find you require to login by both email and phone you can do so through inviting clinicians.

From your team screen, tap the menu and select clinicians and then the big plus to add a new clinician. Enter your details and then follow the sign up flow in either SMS or email depending on which you’d like to add.

Technically this is adding a second account under your name and therefore we advise you just to use one sign-in method.

Covid-19 Screening

I have selected Team plus Covid but don’t appear to have access to Covid screening yet?

Thank you for selecting Team plus Covid. In order for us to meet the costs of the networks generating the sms messages we will require our admin to authorise this functionality so a member of the team will be in touch (usually within 24hours) to arrange this for you.

How does the screening work?

Once you’ve set up your team for Covid-19 screening they will be automatically  sent an SMS request to complete the screening form at 0900GMT every day. A link from the SMS can take them directly to the web form and it the results will be associated to the individual player so their response can be seen in app by team admin.

Do I have to screen everyone at the same time or can I screen an individual?

No is the short answer. Covid-19 Screening sends a prompt to all team members every morning by both SMS and email. If you’d like to send a request to an individual player simply slide left on the player and tap Covid-19. We’ve made a video to show the process.

How do I know the result of the screening for each player?

Results of screenings can be viewed in the team screen of the ScribePro app. Notifications above the player show the status of the screening and the time since last action.

Green indicates a confirmed negative result.

Red indicates a positive result or a screening awaiting clinical confirmation.

To review and confirm a screening tap on the player. Tap more and then Covid-19 to see the screening review.  Review the information and mark it as positive or negative. There is a space to leave notes if required.