Built to deliver core benefits


cloud based, two-factor authentication


forget carbon patient report forms

Customised reporting

produce branded reports and specify fields

Cross platform

IOS and Android

Our features

Compliant with current HSE, GDPR and the UEFA Elite Injury Study data requirements, the ScribePro Team app enables focus of the care episode, producing secure cloud-based reporting storage for your team.

Sports medicine

Based on UEFA and international injury study data parameters and designed in collaboration with expert sports medicine clinicians


Highly granular timeline of data points generated in real time by the user, i.e. input in realtime medications, injuries, illnesses as well as training or match activities

Rapid input

Quicker and more accurate data input than existing paper forms with predetermined fields to make data input as simple as possible while still recording everything required

Automated reporting

Automated reporting minimises post episode clinical paperwork

Injury study

Data parameters are fully compliant with UEFA’s Elite Injury Study

Open API

With support for integrating performance data

ISO 13485

Accreditation in process and Open EHR / FIHR HL7 compliant

Covid-19 Screening

Our Covid-19 screening provides a solution to assist safe return to play, minimising transmission of the virus and enabling early detection.

Successful training ground health requires proactive measures to limit transmission of Covid-19.  By monitoring those with symptoms you can isolate at-risk players and staff to prevent transmission across your organisation, instilling confidence in players and staff.

  • Covid-19 question set – aligned to Public Health criteria for diagnosis
  • Data alerts & triggers – on a daily basis via a SMS prompt for players and staff to complete the question set and send in real time prior to arrival at training facilities
  • Real time analytics – data sent direct to your dashboard to assist in informed decisions being made quickly to ensure player and staff health is not endangered
  • Limiting liability – by ensuring you have data on all players and staff with clear evidence of precautions in place.
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