ScribePro Starting Up

Company Introduction

ScribePro was setup in April 2018 and formed with the plan to improve the way that sports and event medicine patient care is delivered.

Two of the key management members are consultants in emergency medicine and are involved in the delivery of care for sports and events medicine. The concept of our apps originated from their idea that a better digital solution could take the place of current based systems for team managed sports. And with this idea came the teaming up with top digital specialists in healthcare to form ScribePro.

Many hours were spent discussing, planning and testing the concept for the digital platform in the beginning.  A feasibility study grant awarded by Innovate UK allowed the concept to grow into an MVP and from there the direction was set to design and develop the Team app.

Launch – Team App with Covid-19 Screening

The Team app originated from knowing there was need for a digital solution to easily and safely record medical consultations within team sports.  Football became the focus and the initial version of the app was based around the parameters in the UEFA Elite Injury Study.  With input from the Scottish FA and individual club clinician experiences further feature enhancements were developed to transform the Team app to what it is today.  The result is the creation of a secure, fast and easy to use medical records system for rapid data entry, in real-time, on the move as well as enhanced system analysis on desktop.

Ready to launch, this was paused with the advent of Covid-19. It was then realized that with the plan for football to return there was the opportunity to positively contribute to the screening of players by integrating this element into the Team app.  Fast forward to now and the Team app is ready for launch.

Future Development

New development work is now also taking place to bring two new medical apps to market – the ScribePro First Aid and ScribePro Event apps.

The two new format medical apps will replace the paper-based systems that are currently in place and provide a digital solution for recording in real-time first aid incidents and sporting event injuries and medical interactions.

The goal of the company is to focus on the continued development of the medical app platform to allow quick diagnosis, recording and secure sharing of the care required for both players and athletes in teams and events and for all first aid incidents.

The company is located in Scotland with a team of six.

Management/Staff Bios

Dr Jonny Gordon MBChB, MSc, FRCEM, FRCP, MFSEM

Director and Co-Founder – ScribePro


Jonny is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow; Co-Founder and Medical Director of Promote Medical Limited; Founder of Sport Promote Limited; Co-Author of the Encyclopedia of Football Medicine: Vol.1: Trauma and Medical Emergencies; First team doctor with the Scottish FA and medical advisor to UEFA.  Jonny leads on the clinical development of the Team app and is a key medical advisor to ScribePro.


Director and Co-Founder – ScribePro

David Lowe is an academic consultant in Emergency Medicine and co-director of EmQuire research group.  He led the development of the C-19 Assessment tool with NES, DHI and NHS GGC which is in live deployment in the ED, assessment centres and ward. His research focuses on decision making within acute care and the interface between data, the clinician and the patient.  David leads on the clinical development of the Events app and is a key medical advisor to ScribePro.

Stuart Glegg

Director and Co-Founder – ScribePro

Stuart Glegg is co-owner and lead designer at Daysix Ltd.  He has many years of experience working in the health sector and has led a number of projects for NHS Scotland and Scottish Government including brand and communication for the Scottish Trauma Network.  Stuart leads on product design for ScribePro.

Roisin McClory

Director and Co-Founder – ScribePro

Tel: 07376 660685                    Email:

Roisin McClory is a co-founder and commercial director of Promote Medical Ltd and has over 23 years experience in commercial management, both in the UK and overseas. She has spent eight years in the sports marketing sector and ten years with her own marketing consultancy and is now managing the sales, marketing and commercial running of ScribePro.

Octav Rotarian

Software Engineer – ScribePro

Octav Rotarian has been the lead in development for the Team app, working on its design from the inception of the idea at ScribePro.  His ambition is to create products that are useful and get the best out of human technology interaction, with a keen interest in AI.

Fidelma Beagan

Software Developer – ScribePro

Fidelma Beagan joined ScribePro as the software developer in July to work on the expansion of the ScribePro app platform with the development of the First Aid app and Events app. She is a biomedical science graduate with a keen interest for user research and evidence-based design.

Press Release SFA

Doctor’s online orders keep Scotland National Team safe

Friday 4 September 2020

A COVID-19 screening App developed by one of the Scotland National Team medical staff has been used for the first time to help keep Steve Clarke’s squad safe in their Oriam bubble this international week.

Dr Jonny Gordon has co-founded ScribePro, an online screening portal which enables players, staff and officials to report symptoms to the medical departments of their clubs and the Scottish FA during international gatherings.

ScribePro Team App but has been piloted at the National Performance Centre on a daily basis this week. It has been made available to all 42 professional Scottish clubs to use for free until the end of January 2021 and will be rolled-out across Scottish sport and beyond as part of the company’s ambitious plans.

Each morning, the app invites players and backroom staff to update information via phone which is then automatically stored on to their personal medical records and shared with the respective medical teams to provide accurate up-to-date screening information and contact tracing.

The additional Covid-19 screening tool is also available at no charge to the clubs other than to cover the cost of the text message alerts to the players. This innovation is squarely aimed at assisting the clubs target the safe return of football.

Dr Jonny Gordon, Co-Founder of ScribePro and national team doctor: “As a clinician first and foremost, I am delighted that we have created something to help safeguard player health through the daily screening of all players and essential staff at football clubs. The collaborative approach and support from the Scottish FA to help drive the safe return to play of all Scottish league clubs has been absolutely fantastic.

“We believe our Team app is revolutionary in linking clinicians together to see and report in real time the player’s medical interactions, the medications they are prescribed as well as updates on treatments and consultations. It can be used by any team at any level and in any sport and with the added feature of Covid-19 screening it provides a secure tracking system protecting the welfare of players and staff at club and national level.”

Graeme Jones, Scottish FA Head of Performance: “ScribePro has become a vital tool for the medical and performance departments during this camp and will be a feature throughout the international campaign. We have worked hard to ensure the safety of the national team is paramount and the ability to access screening information is imperative.

“We have utilised a new scheduling tool, Kairos, to make sure all relevant information is available digitally to minimise contact and ScribePro Team gives us the confidence to work safely with the squad throughout the international camp at our Oriam base and, even more importantly, when we prepare to travel to Czech Republic.”

Team App Fact Sheet

ScribePro Team App Factsheet

User profile:   Clinicians (club doctor / physiotherapist) for teams

Where to download:   iOS – App Store  |  Android – Google Play Store

Team tiers:   Following a free 30-day unlimited trial period there are two different subscription tiers to select from:

  1. Premium – this allows 35 players and staff to be added and includes full access to all features except Covid-19 screening.
  2. Premium Plus – this allows 35 players and staff to be added and includes full access to all features including daily Covid-19 screenings for all team members.

Key app features:

Secure – cloud based, two factor authentication with biometrics, end to end data encryption from device to server

Data – held in Firestore by Google with firebase user authentication

Real-time – Highly granular timeline of data points generated in real time  by the user, i.e. input in real-time medications, injuries, illnesses as well as training or match activities

Customisable – dashboard to summarise, analyse and display results

Rapid input – quicker and more accurate data input than existing paper forms

Compliant – with current HSE, GDPR and the UEFA Elite Injury Study data requirements

ISO 13485 – accreditation in process and Open EHR / FIHR HL7 compliant

Automated reporting – minimises post episode clinical paperwork

Open API – with support for integrating performance data

Paperless – forget carbon patient report forms


What makes the ScribePro Team app different?

  • Designed in collaboration with expert sports medicine clinicians. Translating years of clinical experience into creating a product that works, tackling the issues that clinicians have previously struggled with – providing the solution.
  • Frameworked around UEFA and international injury study data parameters.
  • Intuitive design for simple input and selection from predetermined category options – the app works with the clinician.
  • Evolutionary in linking clinicians together in one app to see in real time the medical interactions and updates on players receiving treatments and consultations.
  • Players can be kept informed of their medical situation and performance at any time – communication is key.

Scribe Pro Covid-19 Screening FAQs

We’ve compiled some FAQs to the most common questions about the Covid-19 Screening function. They are available here.

Case Study - Working in Collaboration

The desire to create something simple to easily and safely record medical consultations within sport has been a challenge. In 2010 with the advent of the ipad it seemed like this could provide the stimulus to allow the development of a non-paper based system.  It was at this time that Jonny Gordon, one of the co-founders of ScribePro, when working with the Scotland Men’s national football team was creating a spreadsheet on Excel with the players names and a colour coded system of traffic lights related to their injury or illness status.

Fast forward ten years and ScribePro has formed and created the Team app to allow creation of a secure, fast and easy to use medical records system for rapid data entry on the move as well as enhanced system analysis on desktop.

The decision to build an app is not taken lightly. The simplicity of the user experience tends to be inversely proportional to the complexity of the app build and a good user experience is absolutely vital otherwise there is little appetite for use.

ScribePro partnered early on with Dr Tommy Kaye who was looking to analyse football injuries throughout a full football season as part of his STAYFIT study which he undertook as part of his MD at the University of Glasgow.

The initial version of the app was very simply based around the parameters in the UEFA Elite Injury Study with the collection of injury and illness data. The user experience required a lot of collective time and effort to develop with many lessons learned from the feedback received from clubs involved and from individual clinician experiences. This all played a major contribution to transforming the ScribePro Team app.

A significant amount of this feedback came from the engagement of the Scottish FA Men’s A medical team who contributed their time and experience to support this development. Linking clinicians together in an app so they can see in real time the updates on players receiving treatments and consultations being undertaken by colleagues in the medical or massage rooms is evolutionary.

Communication has always been key but now this is made simple and player care safer as a result. Head of Performance for the Scottish FA, Graeme Jones has repeatedly asked the question “How can it be so simple but yet work so well?” The answer comes from years of clinical experience translating into the creation of a product that works, making it the hallmark of its success.

Just before launch, Covid-19 happened. And this brought the realisation that a new area of screening and reporting was needed for integration into the design of the Team app.  Following further discussion with the Scottish FA and knowing their goal to ensure the safe return of Scottish football further development took place and within three months the Covid-19 feature was complete.

This allows players and backroom staff to be screened daily at 8am by completing, via SMS or email, their screening questions and within 15 seconds of clicking the link, their form is completed and their status is highlighted to the club clinician through the Team app. The clinician can then confirm the persons status in the app, facilitating safe attendance of the player or essential staff member to the training ground or club.

Moving forward the ScribePro Team app will be enhanced further with the integration of full STATSports data into the desktop portal, expansion of the functionality of the desktop portal and integration of player medicals and a virtual filing box for uploading images and files in a simple and systematic manner.

Digital Artwork

We’ve made some files available for download that may be useful.

User completing Covid-19 Screening

Screening app in cotnext

 Covid-19 Screening App in Hand

ScribePro Logo (png)

Contact Information

Press Enquiries:  07376 660685


Dr Jonny Gordon
Director and Co-Founder – ScribePro


Jonny Gordon is available for press enquiries and interviews and can provide further insight into the innovation and benefits of the Team app.  Jonny writes and advises on the clinical data to be stored and selected in every medical scenario, adhering to all medical regulations and conditions.

Covid-19 Screening Feature FAQs

I have selected Team plus Covid but don’t appear to have access to Covid screening yet?

Thank you for selecting Team plus Covid. In order for us to meet the costs of the networks generating the sms messages we will require our admin to authorise this functionality so a member of the team will be in touch (usually within 24hours) to arrange this for you.

How does the screening work?

Once you’ve set up your team for Covid-19 screening they will be automatically  sent an SMS request to complete the screening form at 0900GMT every day. A link from the SMS can take them directly to the web form and it the results will be associated to the individual player so their response can be seen in app by team admin.

Do I have to screen everyone at the same time or can I screen an individual?

No is the short answer. Covid-19 Screening sends a prompt to all team members every morning by both SMS and email. If you’d like to send a request to an individual player simply slide left on the player and tap Covid-19. We’ve made a video to show the process.

How do I know the result of the screening for each player?

Results of screenings can be viewed in the team screen of the ScribePro app. Notifications above the player show the status of the screening and the time since last action.

Green indicates a confirmed negative result.

Red indicates a positive result or a screening awaiting clinical confirmation.

To review and confirm a screening tap on the player. Tap more and then Covid-19 to see the screening review.  Review the information and mark it as positive or negative. There is a space to leave notes if required.