From project lead Dr Tommy Kaye:

This project to generate a unique research platform in professional football is being undertaken at the University of Glasgow in conjunction with the Scottish Football Association. The key aim is to develop an anonymised database of injuries occurring in professional football across all four tiers of the Scottish Professional Football League during season 2019/20. This will support research to help physiotherapists, sport therapists and doctors prevent and treat injuries in the future. The key tool that has made this study possible is the ScribePro injury reporting app which will be provided to participating clubs without charge for season 2019/20.

Every club across the four tiers of the Scottish Professional Football League has been invited to take part in the project but if you would like further information please contact:

Dr Tommy Kaye

Study lead

Stayfit Study FAQs

Can you show me how to add a new player?

  1. From your squad screen, that will begin blank, press the Actions icon on the top right of the screen
  2. From the drop-down menu select Add Player and a blank player profile will appear
  3. You can take a photo of the player or select a photo saved to your device by pressing the player silhouette
  4. Each of the blank fields can be populated by the relevant demographic / player-specific information
  5. Once all the desired fields are completed select Player Agreement
  6. The player must read the Player Agreement. If they consent to the creation of the record select Add Signature and ask the player to sign the blank field electronically

How do we link a new clinician to an existing squad?

This process has to be performed by the ScribePro app creators and developers, Daysix.

Please email with the details of the clinician to be added and the research team will relay these details to Daysix if access is deemed appropriate.

Will it be possible to enter developing injury data to an existing episode, e.g. rehabilitation update or a photo of progress of an injury?

The ScribePro app continues to develop and a key objective of this project is to make the app as user-friendly for clinicians as possible. One of the impending developments is the creation of a facility to generate regular therapy updates using the widely recognised SOAP Acronym (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan). Throughout the season as app developments appear you will receive electronic notifications to update the app. After an update you will need to logout and log back in. No data will be lost during an app update.

Will we (the club) be able to interrogate our own data?

At present there is no facility for clubs to interrogate their own data on the app. Due to strict data control and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) 2018, only the STAYFIT research team at the University of Glasgow will have access to analyse the anonymised data. This data will be separated into different clubs for analysis so if there is a specific query about your club’s data please direct this to email

Can I use the app for players outside the first team squad?

Yes. During the SPFL season 2019/20 clubs may create separate squads on their app, for example for a women’s team. It is very important that users create this as a separate squad because the research is based on players eligible for first team selection only.

Could players access data themselves?

Players have a legal right to see their own medical records. This can be done by showing the player the electronic record on the clinician’s device or by emailing who can arrange for an electronic copy of the ScribePro records to be downloaded and provided to the player. A player must not be able to edit the record.

What do we do if we sign a new player who already has a record from an old club / or a player who we have a record for moves to a new club?

If a player moves to your club or leaves your club please email with the details. This will be passed to the ScribePro team.

If a new player has an existing record this can be transferred from the club they have left to your squad page and vice versa.

If a player leaves to a club not using the ScribePro app a downloaded copy of the notes can be provided to move with the player.

If a player arrives without a previous record this can be created as a new player file as normal.