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Thoughts from our lead doctor – Jonny Gordon


It is a fantastic time to be involved in the world of sports medicine. I am incredibly lucky to have worked with some of the top athletes in the world of football and to have gained experience of running a Polyclinic for the athletes at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. What has always been apparent to me, irrespective of the various jobs I have performed in sport is the difficulty that clinicans face when recording the ‘consultations’ they have with athletes. These can occur in clinic, in the dressing room but they also occur at more adhoc times such as on the plane or even at meal times in the hotel! Keeping a medical record can prove challenging.

Keeping an easily accessible and up-dateable record has until this point been almost impossible. Fast forward to the ScribePro app and you can see that what we have created is a beautifully designed application that is delightfully simplistic and exceptionally user friendly. Not only this but it is highly adaptable and it uses the highest security protocols to give reassurrance that the storage and transfer of data of your patients is in the safest place possible. Not only this but you as the clinician are also being protected – the information you record is simple to input and because it is digital it will be date and time stamped meaning you can refer to your records with confidence. I could not be prouder of the product and of the team we have driving it forward. I believe it will help optimise care for our athletes and protect the clinicans looking after them.


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